Future home of "Encore"

"Encore" - Festival in Stratford within The Palace walls

The stage has been set for establishing a performing arts training facility and a new theatre in Stratford, Canada. The proposed intimate theatre will seat approximately 200 and will host a broad range of performing arts - everything from modern dance to mime to commedia dell'Arte, mask theatre, special attractions, choral and music.
The training and research side of the planned school will draw on the Voice/Body/Acting System developed by Arthur Lessac.

The vacant lot on Ontario Street, ironically the site of The Palace Theatre, the first theatre in Stratford at the turn of the century, has been acquired by Yanci. He is joined by friends Arthur Lessac and Stratford Festival founder Tom Patterson as partners. The Palace Walls are "crying out for theatre to happen", muse the trio.

And rather than compete with the Festival, the partners maintain the new theatre and school will only serve to complement the existing festivities and add an international flavour to the renowned performing arts reputation of Stratford.

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